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AdGear has partnered with Datacratic to offer an industry leading programmatic media buying platform. AdGear Trader uses RTB Optimizer to leverage the power of adaptive machine learning and true impression level decisioning.

adgear trader

AdGear Trader is a proprietary Demand-Side Platform (DSP), allowing media agencies, advertisers and e-Commerce operators to efficiently buy and optimize digital media through major real-time bidding exchanges.  

We offer:

  • All-in-One Demand-Side Platform for media buying across Display, Video, Mobile and Social.
  • Audiences Targeting and Management
  • White-label DSP option for Agencies
  • World-class machine-learning optimization.
  • Attribution modeling and analytics
  • Self-serve or managed ad operations.
  • Fanatical support with fast turn-around time.

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Case Studies

Fashion and Apparel Company Drives Results with AdGear

AdGear's goal with this client is not only to deliver ad serving and programmatic display platforms, but to help the customer get a complete 360 degrees view on cross-channel campaign performance.

"Adgear helped us reduce CPA by 50% during the most competitive buying season."


Restaurant Chain Experiences Impressive Results with AdGear Trader

Our goal was to deliver a combination of programmatic display technologies to help this client increase the volume of conversions while reducing cost per action.

CPA reduced from $42 level to $7 within one month.


An Online Media Buying Agency Drives Results with AdGear

AdGear's goal was to deliver programmatic display technologies to help an agency that manages more than 40 brands.

We helped our agency client scale, drive results and create individual reporting experiences for its customers.


About adgear

AdGear Technologies, Inc. is a digital advertising technology company, providing software and services to advertisers, media agencies and publishers. The company's full-stack advertising platforms offer customers advanced advertising analytics, proprietary targeting, cross-channel attribution measurement, ad serving for advertisers and publishers, real-time bidding and exchange technology, and various retargeting solutions.

AdGear's customers use solutions that are offered in turnkey or behind-the-scenes, white label mode. The company is privately owned and operated out of its Montreal and Toronto offices.