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Datacratic's machine learning and artificial-intelligence technology powers real-time decisioning in many industry-leading solutions. We are aligned with world-class leaders to successfully drive real-time optimization, prediction, personalization and decisioning in a wide range of applications. Datacratic’s technology is embedded in some of the world’s leading data management platforms and is used by leading DSPs and ad networks to optimize their Real Time Bidding systems.
Integrate Datacratic technology today and make your products machine intelligent by harnessing the power of real-time machine-driven decisions and predictions.

Recent Showcases

Lotame Solution Showcase

Lotame has partnered with Datacratic to offer a powerful new way to optimize audiences and measure impact. Lotame Optimizer is powered by Datacratic’s Audience Optimizer to identify high-performing audiences and optimize them with cutting edge machine-driven real-time behavior predictions.

Oracle Data Cloud Solution Showcase

Oracle has partnered with Datacratic to deliver auto-learning lookalike segments in their Data Management Platform in the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

AdGear Solution Showcase

AdGear has partnered with Datacratic to offer an industry leading programmatic media buying platform. AdGear Trader uses RTB Optimizer to leverage the power of adaptive machine learning and true impression level decisioning.