1410 Rue Stanley
Suite 606
Montreal, QC H3A 1P8

122 East 42nd Street
Suite 2005
NY, NY 10168




1410 rue Stanley 606
Montréal, QC H3A 1P8

122 East 42nd Street
Suite 2005
NY, NY 10168




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Solutions Showcase

Datacratic's products are designed to be flexible and to allow our partners to integrate them in ways that deliver maximum value to their business. 

Recent Showcases

Lotame Solution Showcase

Creating ideal audience segments just got easier. Marketers can’t rely on manual audience segmentation or basic models to define the best performing audience segments for their campaigns. Lotame Optimizer, powered by Datacratic, allows marketers and publishers to create optimized audience segments through Datacratic’s sophisticated machine learning platform. Behavioral and demographic data create look-alike and act-alike audience segments in order to improve campaign performance and extend the reach of marketing programs.

Oracle-BlueKai Solution Showcase

Leverage the power of Datacratic’s real-time machine learning platform and Auto-learning Lookalike model segments with Oracle-BlueKai’s Data Management Platform. Auto-learning Lookalike model segments from Datacratic continuously adapt to changing target audience behavior to ensure Oracle-BlueKai customers are always targeting audience segments that have the highest likelihood of conversion.

AdGear Solution Showcase

Empowering Digital Media Innovators with Cross-Channel, Real-Time Display Solutions. ADGEAR TRADER is our DSP platform that allows agencies and advertisers to efficiently buy and optimize digital media through major real-time bidding exchanges.