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1410 rue Stanley 606
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Datacratic Real-Time Bid Management and Optimization

Datacratic's Real-Time Bid Manager and Optimization product is designed to be integrated into existing platforms and is intended for use by Demand Side Platforms, Agency Trading Desks, Ad Networks and others in the real-time marketing ecosystem. If you have an existing bidder, you can integrate directly with our Bid Management Platform and take advantage of the real-time machine learning and predictive modeling capabilities of the Datacratic Platform.

Key Features of  Datacratic Bid Optimization

Integration Flexibility

  • Designed from the ground up to be integrated into third party platforms and systems.
  • Can be used out of the box with RTBkit the open source software frame work.
  • The product be integrated easily with existing bidders and RTB infrastructure.
  • REST API for campaign control allows full integration into partner UI.
  • Communicates with other systems via ZeroMQ allowing flexible use of Java, Javascript, Python, C++ and other languages. 

Campaign Level Features

  • Closed loop pacing system ensures even pacing of campaigns regardless of volume or budget.
  • Optimize to CPC, CPA or CPM objectives. 
  • New algorithmic bidding strategies can be developed, tested and deployed easily. 
  • Adaptive click-farm detection ensures dodgy sites and click farms are automatically black listed. 

Optimization Features

  • A full predictive economic model is simulated at each impression to precisely determine its expected value to the advertiser. 
  • Economic models are used to determine the precise economic value of each 1st and 3rd party data source. 
  • Adaptive bidding models are updated in real-time as new data is introduced. The system treats data as streams, not as pools.
  • Optimization starts after as few as 1 million impressions.
  • Real-time learning based on campaign outcomes as the campaign evolves.

Operational Features and Scaling

  • Each bidder front-end machine can handle ˜20,000 requests per second. Infinite scalability by adding machines. 
  • Componentized architecture allows for easy scaling across multiple machines and data centers.

Data Visualization and Reporting

  • Advanced data viz via D3  allows for deep insight into the algorithms and an understanding of which features are truly driving performance. 
  • Real-time output of campaign level data allows for easy integration into our partner's reporting systems. 

Real-Time Bid Management and Optimization

Predictive models run on The Datacratic Platform which can use any data available in the bid request and can augment the request with additional sources of first and third party data. All available data sources can be used directly in the real-time bid calculation. A full predictive economic model is simulated at each impression to precisely determine its expected valueThe Datacratic Platform makes real-time predictions and updates its models on the fly. It treats data as real-time streams, not pools, and can make bidding decisions based on an unlimited number of variables. to the advertiser and each data attribute used in the model is properly evaluated for its contribution to the overall economic outcome. Real-time predictions and models are updated on the fly. 

Integration Options

The Datacratic Bidder can be integrated into partner platforms in a number of different ways. Our goal with any integration is to ensure that as much of the bidder's power as possible is exposed to our partner’s platform. Our technology has been designed as separate components that can be embedded according to the needs of our customers.

Who can use this product?

Demand Side Platforms

Either web, mobile or video; DSPs with an existing bidder can connect to Datacratic's Bid Management and Optimization platform and apply next-generation optimization. 

Ad Networks

Ad Networks who wish to add RTB as an inventory supply source can integrate Datacratic's technology 

Programmatic Buyers

SEM platforms, social ad buyers and others can integrate real-time machine learning and predictive modeling into your platform.