Audience Optimizer

Discover the power of machine-driven real-time behavior predictions to drive your strategic business processes.

Machine-driven behavior modeling and generating real-time predictions based on high volumes of data can’t be done using simple data cleansing, transformation, dashboards or reporting. It requires sophisticated machine learning algorithms to properly identify, evaluate, continually monitor and score data attributes in order to generate high probability outcomes.



Datacratic's Audience Optimizer uses machine learning algorithms to continuously learn and adapt to changing behaviors in real-time to make real-time predictions based on up to the second conditions.

It enables organizations to:

Evaluate trillions of data points in real-time to score and predict high probability outcomes

Make machine and data-driven predictions in real-time that drive business processes

Extend data segments based on characteristics of a given behavior profile (lookalike modeling)



Any organization with a platform or application which collects or generates behavioral data and wants to integrate real-time machine based decisioning into their system can benefit from the Audience Optimizer.

Data Management Platforms

DMPs integrate the Behavior Predictions API directly into their platform to provide clients with sophisticated look-alike modeling.

Ad Networks & Demand Side Platforms (DSP)

Ad networks enhance segmentation and targeting capabilities using the Behavior Predictions API within their products.

Enterprise Applications: CRM, Sales, Marketing Automation & others

Organizations leverage the Behavior Predictions API to maximize the value of behavioral and situational data assets.



Human behavior is instrumental in driving business processes. When behaviors can be predicted based on time sequence, frequency and recency, business processes can be automated to respond to real-time conditions. This enables companies to be proactive, mitigate risk and manage more efficiently and cost effectively.

Lookalike Audiences
Predict the behavior of users with matching characteristics, behavior timelines and determine which users have a high probability of performing a specific action. Combine real-time and historical data from multiple sources to augment audiences or pinpoint a highly targeted subset based on their behavior.

Lead Scoring
Score leads based on the prediction and probability of converting to target communications, marketing campaigns and nurturing to focus exclusively on highly qualified prospects.

Fraud Detection
Leverage Audience Optimizer to learn patterns of fraudulent behavior and subsequently identify potentially high risk users.

Predicting behavior in an online gaming environment is key to positive user engagement, increasing revenue and improving operational efficiency during game development. Use behavior predictions to identify users who would be ideal targets for in game upsells or who require assistance.

Tailored Learning Experiences
Predict which users have a high probability of success or failure, with online learning material and tailor the material to accelerate the learning experience or provide more support.

Customer Churn
Use behavior predictions to identify existing customers who are highly probable to leave to pursue and purchase other/competing solutions.


Integrate real-time machine-driven predictions into your business processes using our fully documented API to push predictions back to your business process system. Audience Optimizer supports JSON over HTTP.



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