Lotame Optimizer Uses Machine-Learning to Predict Audience Behaviors

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Lotame Optimizer Uses Machine-Learning to Predict Audience Behaviors

First and third party data from Lotame DMP combined with Datacratic’s machine learning platform to create high performance audience segments


NEW YORK (FEBRUARY 26, 2014) – Lotame continues to disrupt the Data Management Platform (DMP) space with the launch of Lotame Optimizer™, a new solution that will allow publishers and marketers to create optimized audience segments via a sophisticated machine learning system.  As part of Lotame Insights, the company’s analytics product, Lotame Optimizer applies machine learning algorithms to behavioral and demographic data to create look-alike and act-alike audience segments in order to improve campaign performance and extend the reach of marketing programs.

Lotame Optimizer was built on Datacratic’s real-time machine learning platform. Datacratic is a leader in the application of machine learning and predictive modeling to real-time data generated from consumer behavior.  Publishers and marketers can now rely on Lotame Optimizer as an automated solution to create unique audience segments to effectively reach the desired consumer targets. The solution trains predictive models on seed segments and then uses those models to score users. Users with the highest scores are identified as having the highest probability of clicking or converting for a particular campaign.

“Intermarkets has been working with Lotame to empower our clients to reach the right audience at the right time,” said Erik Requidan, Director of Sales at Intermarkets. “Early testing with Lotame Optimizer has shown positive results, with an increase of audience conversion upwards of 36 percent.”

“We’re always looking for ways to allow our clients to make the best decisions based on advanced optimization techniques powered by audience data,” said Kalyan Lanka, VP Product Management for Lotame. “Clients can now take advantage of Optimizer’s predictive modeling platform to make the most informed decisions without any heavy lifting on their part. This eliminates any guess work and our clients no longer need to rely on overlap driven affinities and indices alone.”

“At Datacratic, we understand that there is a paradigm shift underway in programmatic digital marketing. The marketing technology sector is quickly moving to real-time, machine-based decisions,” said James Prudhomme, CEO of Datacratic. “Lotame’s rich DMP coupled with our machine learning platform creates the ultimate solution for any enterprise looking to use data to optimize against campaign success.”

For more information about Lotame Optimizer, visit www.lotame.com.

About Lotame

Lotame is the DMP for Maximum Audience Impact— helping publishers, marketers and agencies maximize the way they collect, unify, protect, and activate audience data.  Leveraging the industry's most robust audience management engine, they're able to intelligently monetize data, create premium properties, target more efficiently, and drive higher campaign performance and revenue.  We're dedicated to constant innovation, and helping our clients take full advantage of big data.  Together, we're doing things that others haven't thought of yet.  To learn more, visit www.lotame.com.


About Datacratic

Datacratic is a software company that applies machine learning and predictive modeling to real-time data generated from consumer behavior. Datacratic provides optimization for Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Agency Trading Desks (ATDs), E-Commerce Web Sites and others in the real-time marketing ecosystem. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada Datacratic is privately held with backing from Real Ventures and BDC Venture Capital. For more information visit Datacratic.com.