Look-alikes: Precision, Scale & Results Using Machine Learning

Lookalikes: Precision, Scale & Results Using Machine Learning

Find qualified prospects who look and behave like your best customers. Utilize over 40k data categories to create your custom look-alike model that auto-learns to continually find your best prospects. 

Take the guess work out of segmentation and discover the advantage of incorporating machine learning into your marketing toolkit. Imagine having the competitive edge with self learning audience models adapting to changing behavioral patterns of your best and most qualified customers! 

No Guess Work, No Manual Tuning - Just Advanced, Intelligent Audience Targeting 

Learn how clients in the telecom, technology, retail industries are leveraging auto-learning Look-alike model segments to continuously adapt to changing target audience behavior. 
Discover how your organization can continually target audience segments that have the highest likelihood of conversion. 

Your speakers are: 

Molly Parr, Director Product Marketing & Management BlueKai 


James Prudhomme, CEO Datacratic

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