RTBkit: An exciting day for real time advertising!

Today is an exciting day for Datacratic and, we hope; an exciting day for the real-time advertising ecosystem. We hope it marks a significant milestone in the evolution of big data and real-time marketing. Today is the day that we have released the first iteration of RTBkit, an open source software framework which makes it easy to create a scalable real time bidder for use on advertising exchanges. 

When we started to discuss the release of the RTBkit software framework with our partners and stakeholders; one question came up over and over. Why are we doing this? What's the strategy? After all, we have invested close to 10 man years of R&D and engineering effort into our RTB stack, there are more than 65 000 lines of software code.
Why would we give it away for free and under such a liberal open source license? What's the catch?
Well first let me say that there is absolutely no catch. At Datacratic we are passionate about open source software and we are especially passionate about innovation. RTBkit is freely available for anyone to download and deploy and they are not obligated in any way to license any of our proprietary products or applications. We think that by open sourcing such a sigificant software application we will spur innovation within the real-time marketing ecosystem and make a positive contribution to the open source software movement. 
We want to encourage disruptive innovation and we think it is important to allow engineers in the real time marketing ecosystem to focus on data-driven optimization; to focus on architecting data flows in order to bring as much intelligence to the bid decision as possible. For real time bidding to flourish we think there needs to be a lower barrier to entry in order for more and more buyers to participate directly on the exchange. More buyers means more bid density, and more bid density means higher yields for publishers from both media and data. When publishers have higher yields everyone is happy.
Of course; somewhat selfishly, we also think more bid density means more and more demand for sophisticated, adaptive, real-time, data-driven optimization, like the kind we license and sell to our customers. That is our business objective and the extent of our businesss strategy around RTBkit. By releasing RTBkit under the very liberal Apache license we hope to create demand for our optimization products. Its really that simple. 
To learn more visit www.rtbkit.org.
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Great move, guys. Have been a fan of your work for quite some time, eh ;->

As an independent consultant who works with agencies and advertisers on their yield optimization analytics, how would I hook up the RTBKit to inventory supply/quality streams without being reliant on a DSP providing an open API?

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Hi Spock...

Apologies for the delayed reply but i just noticed your comment today. RTBkit is designed to connect directly to real-time ad exchanges. Many of the exchanges listed on www.rtbkit.org support the framework out of the box and more are signing on all the time. Your best place to start might be with one of the supporting exchanges...

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Great work! This really fasten the development of the real-time bidding advertising, and help build the RTB eco-system, making it more and more thrive.

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