Data Science as a Service

Machine learning can provide powerful ways to predict, personalize, alert, and make decisions. Building machine learning applications can be difficult and expensive and there needs to be robust data to drive effective predictions. Through our DSaaS (data science as a service) arm, Datacratic provides data and infrastructure audits and recommendations, isolates the type of personalized decisions you need, and develops applications on top of, the machine learning database, that addresses your needs for predictions and decisions with a meaningful impact on your business. 

Case Studies:

Flash Retailer sending 3 million emails per day to customers with 30 different products, were segmenting users into audiences for content order. Datacratic developed a personalized e-mail offering for each user based on their behavior on their site which garnered a 20% increase in revenue. 
Large telco needed to serve the highest performing creative on their ad inventory. Datacratic developed Yield Optimizer product to personalize the creative delivered for ad serving on their owned & operated inventory, resulting in 50% lift on revenue.
Major DMP and Data Marketplace struggled to build lookalike modeling capabilities to generate lift for their customers. Datacratic deployed Audience Optimizer product, which created an individual probability for each user that on average doubled the ROI for their customers’ campaigns when compared to traditional 3rd party data targeting. 
Large Electronics Retailer needed to understand the difference between converting and non-converting users. Datacratic conducted analyses into the drivers of customer behavior, and created deep analytic reports to generate insights not available in their DMP, which led to product creative adjustments and increased response rates on ad campaigns.