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Good article Nicolas. Another factor which could contribute to the "random drop"/buyers not bidding on every auction is inherent in the RTB infrastructure: often SSPs or exchanges throttle out or dynamically allocate the traffic sent out to bidders, and cookie/UID matching overlaps I suspect differ from platform to platform - this could also contribute to not all buyers bidding/seeing everything all the time.

A part of the solution (for buyers) avoiding this sort of thing, IMO, is human: know who you are buying from. The entity onboarding the impressions onto the SSP/exchange has a reputation -- and should have incentive to uphold it.

Also, I suspect that exchanges should at least be able to automatically detect reselling of impressions within their own ecosystems. e.g., impression onboarded via SSP/exchange's JS tag, resulting in a buy that then re-onboards it as a seller on the same exchange via a JS tag. Whether or not they do in practise...

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