We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Join Datacratic’s team. Our highly accomplished engineers, programmers and scientists apply machine learning in real-time. We have a passion for solving complex problems: hard, fast and at scale. If you geek out over big data and real-time machine learning, Datacratric wants you!

Live and Work in Montreal

Datacratic is headquartered in Montreal, Canada's most culturally vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Combining the best of European and North American culture, Montreal is a bilingual city, but you don’t need to speak French to live here (or to work for Datacratic). Inviting, engaging and endlessly entertaining, Montreal is an affordable city that boasts endless summer and winter festivals, the world’s most famous circus, and a deep appreciation for both fine and casual dining.

It is the home of Bixi, the world's first truly successful community bike program, and other forward thinking projects like rooftop farms. The New York times called Montreal one of the hippest cities in the world in which to work...and play.  We agree, life in Montreal is good.

Unfortunately, we can only accept applications from people who are able to work in Canada.  Consult the Canadian citizenship and immigration site for more information.

Creative and Stimulating Environment

We value personal initiative and want people to own what they work on, so all employees have stock options. We provide enough flexibility for our employees to have a sane work/life balance. We promise you’ll learn a lot and appreciate how data can be useful as well as beautiful. Mentoring is provided as appropriate for each position, but we expect people to be able to work both independently and as part of a team. Each team member is responsible and accountable for their own planning and collaboration.

Apply Machine Learning and Game Theory in Hard Real-Time

Our machines deal with the aggregation of tens of thousands of network events per second, updating complex internal data structures, and scheduling and executing machine learning models. We are pushing the limits of what a machine can do in both memory size and processing capacity. We love open source and do everything that we can with it, including contributing back.

Advertising Technology

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you browse a page with banner ads on it? Did you know that there is a real-time commodity market for ads and that hundreds of companies bid money to show you that ad? Ever wished that those weight loss ads were replaced by something that mattered to you?