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How to Apply Social Ranking for Display Campaign Optimization

Today’s marketer is no stranger to SEO and social media. Yet if you ask how to optimize this data in the domain of programmatic display, you’ll probably hear crickets. And browsing the internet for answers is likely to secure information that is vague at best.

Given the abundance and variety of social and SEO data available to leverage, the absence of popular guidelines is a surprise. Social metrics are used to improve SEO, so why not apply the same rationale to the world of programmatic display?

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Pre-Beta Invite for Scaled Hosted RTBKit Infrastructure + Additional Features from Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project is looking for early adopters for the OpenDSP. We are working with some of the leading advertisers and agencies on this project, and would like to extend this opportunity to few more companies that are looking to use RTBKit as their reference implementation. OpenDSP will allow RTB users (agencies, DSP, Advertisers or other media buying platforms) to easily and painlessly set-up, provision and operate a real-time bidding system hosted and managed on the Rubicon Project infrastructure and using the RTBkit open-source architecture.

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The Too Good To Be True Filter

At Datacratic, one of the product we offer our customers is our real-time bidding (RTB) optimisation that can plug directly into any RTBKit installation. We’re always hard at work to improve our optimisation capabilities so clients can identify valuable impressions for their advertisers. Every bid request is priced independently and real-time feedback is given to the machine learning models. They adjust immediately to changing conditions and learn about data they had not been exposed to during their initial training.

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Peeking Into the Black Box, Part 1: Datacratic’s RTB Algorithms

At Datacratic, we develop real-time bidding algorithms. In order to accomplish advertiser goals, our algorithms automatically take advantage of other bidders’ sub-optimal behaviour, as well as navigate around publisher price floors. These are bold claims, and we want our partners to understand how our technology works and be comfortable with it.

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Real Time Bidding, Characterized

There doesn't appear to be a good Wikipedia entry for RTB for me to link at the moment, when I want to blog about it so I'll draft my own explanation here. (Edit: there is an entry now, but I like my characterization better!) Keep in mind while reading this that I'm looking at RTB as a software engineer with an interest in economics, rather than as an ad industry veteran!

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Peeking Into the Black Box, Part 0: RTB Pacing, is everyone doing it wrong?

I read an interesting post on the AppNexus tech blog about their campaign monitoring tools and the screenshots there almost exclusively contained various pacing measurements. Some of the graphs there looked a lot like the ones I had sketched up while trying to solve the pacing problem for our real-time bidding (RTB) client.