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Most Popular Content of 2014 - Data Science, Visualizations & RTB Pacing

2014 was a great year for Datacratic. In addition to creating great technology and products, we hosted global meetups, held informative virtual events and created content to keep everyone up to date on product, technology and company news.

Just in case you missed it, here are our top 3 articles in 2014 with a pleasant surprise from the Datacratic content vault!

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Building API's for Open Source Projects and Commercialized Products

Get to know the team behind the Datacratic brand.  Today we bring you an interview with Datacratic's CTO, Jeremy Barnes to talk about the role Datacratic plays in providing API’s to organizations to accelerate their development and deployment of real-time bidding and behavior data modeling solutions.

Why are you passionate about providing APIs for engineers to accelerate their development efforts?

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The Too Good To Be True Filter

At Datacratic, one of the product we offer our customers is our real-time bidding (RTB) optimisation that can plug directly into any RTBKit installation. We’re always hard at work to improve our optimisation capabilities so clients can identify valuable impressions for their advertisers. Every bid request is priced independently and real-time feedback is given to the machine learning models. They adjust immediately to changing conditions and learn about data they had not been exposed to during their initial training.

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MapReduce avec parallel, cat et une redirection

Un projet sur lequel notre équipe d'apprentissage machine travaille actuellement est un engin de recommandation qui sert à générer des courriels personnalisés pour les clients d'un magasin en ligne. Le modèle que nous avons développé utilise l'historique de navigation et d'achats des utilisateurs du site. Chaque utilisateur est représenté par la combinaison de l'ensemble des produits avec lesquels il a interagi ainsi que leur relation avec chacun des produits que nous pouvons lui recommander.

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Using make to Orchestrate Machine Learning Tasks

One of the things we do at Datacratic is to use machine learning algorithms to optimize real-time bidding (RTB) policies for online display advertising. This means we train software models to predict, for example, the cost and the value of showing a given ad impression, and we then incorporate these prediction models into systems which make informed bidding decisions on behalf of our clients to show their ads to their potential customers.