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The Too Good To Be True Filter

At Datacratic, one of the product we offer our customers is our real-time bidding (RTB) optimisation that can plug directly into any RTBKit installation. We’re always hard at work to improve our optimisation capabilities so clients can identify valuable impressions for their advertisers. Every bid request is priced independently and real-time feedback is given to the machine learning models. They adjust immediately to changing conditions and learn about data they had not been exposed to during their initial training.

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Peeking Into the Black Box, Part 1: Datacratic’s RTB Algorithms

At Datacratic, we develop real-time bidding algorithms. In order to accomplish advertiser goals, our algorithms automatically take advantage of other bidders’ sub-optimal behaviour, as well as navigate around publisher price floors. These are bold claims, and we want our partners to understand how our technology works and be comfortable with it.