PyLadies Meet-up at Datacratic to Chat About Machine Learning

The Datacratic team recently had the pleasure of hosting a PyLadies meet-up to talk about a subject we know very well and love, Machine Learning.  PyLadies are a group of women developers worldwide who love the Python programming language. They write code by day or night and some of them hack on Python projects on the side, while others work full-time on Python development. They all just like writing Python code, and that's what brings them all together.

The Pyladies presented talks about: “Deep Learning in Python using Pylearn2 and Theano" and "Building your own Search Engine Using Solr/Lucene" by Zareen Syed to a packed house of coders at the Datacratic headquarters in Montreal.

As an active member of the local and international startup community, the team Datacratic and was happy to host the PyLadies to increase awareness of Machine Learning and relevant technologies. Here is what some attendees had to say about the event:

“Interesting & educational!”

 “Interesting talks & lots of participants.”

“Machine learning is cool.  Thanks to everyone for giving us an intro.”

Many thanks to the PyLadies Organizers Marianne Corvellec & Francoise Provencher for all of their work in the Montreal technology community and making machine learning top of mind for attendees.

Special thanks to the PyLadies speakers Zareen Sayed & Jennifer Thompson.

Thanks to the Datacratic team, François Maillet & Wendy Clubb for organizing this great meet-up, the t-shirt giveaway and of course we can’t forget – the food!

To find out more about PYLadies in Montreal visit their meetup page or follow them on Twitter.