Practical Applications of CRM Retargeting - Teasing Customers Back to Generate More Business

This is a guest blog post by Ivan Roubstov, Director of Marketing from Datacratic Technology Solutions partnerAdgear.

Retargeting – those ads that seem to tease you back to a page or product that you recently visited. Retargeting can be as simple as an extension to your AdWords campaigns or as complicated as DSP-driven remarketing layered with audience data and custom segments. Retargeting can produce up to 10x return to prospecting alone and has become a key part of all acquisition campaigns.

Retargeting can produce up to 10x return to prospecting alone!

CRM retargeting remains new to many e-commerce operators and advertisers. In its simplest form, CRM retargeting is the process of displaying marketing messages to online audiences by leverages the advertiser’s customer and sales data. Your company’s most valuable in-house and offline data can be brought to bear in the online world, mining value from this data.

Some of the common applications of CRM retargeting include re-engaging with past clients, reactivation of dormant customers, cross-channel lead nurturing, date or holiday driven sale campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these examples.

Being able to re-engage with past customers is one of the strongest points of CRM retargeting. For example, your company has just gone through a large-scale, successful sales campaign. You know that most of the people who made a purchase can be valuable returning clients, but that the 30-day window post-purchase is a vital time to re-engage customer to earn ongoing loyalty. CRM retargeting will allow you to run display campaigns reaching out to this cohort of recent first-time purchasers. You have the capability to dialog with your customers via your existing CRM work using email, but also with highly targeted real-time online display campaigns. This approach becomes a must-have tactic for advertisers for re-engaging past purchasers as it opens multiple communication avenues where ad formats, cross-channel messaging, and audience data unite into a powerful mix.

Re-engaging with past customers is one of the strongest points of CRM retargeting

Another, great application for CRM retargeting is in reactivating dormant customers. For the part of your client base that made a purchase a few months ago but has not been seen again ever since, you know that at this point these customers are dormant and at threat. They are due for an update, replacement, repeat purchase – but for some reason they are nowhere near your company store or website. CRM retargeting can be used in this case in team-up with custom audience segments to reach out to this cohort via display campaigns with a special offer. You can slice your database information to create a variety of segments leveraging geography, purchase history, intent data based on browsing history, demographic-related information.

Marketing automation and lead nurturing applications – any other pre-purchase activity that delivers an email address – is relevant for CRM retargeting. An example here is a registration on an e-commerce site that delivers an email address. If the next step is to deliver an email with offers related to a prospect’s interests based on registration data, browsing or content consumption intelligence – then this can be augmented with a specific retargeting display campaign. You can leverage a combination of tactics and channels – mobile, video and social come into the mix as now you can identify your prospect customers anywhere across major ad exchanges.

CRM retargeting also comes in handy for holiday promotions when you want to reach out to your most valuable clients in an efficient and timely manner. This is the time when your company needs to be more persistent at being present in front of both returning customers and new prospects across the web. It is also the time to communicate and enable dialog with clients without waiting for them to come back to a company site or open an email. Segment your audience data side by side with email lists, so that both channels reach out to the same customers in tandem.

Your customer data and intelligence is the most important piece when it comes to CRM retargeting. Taking a database of emails connected to a CRM suite and converting it into an anonymous custom audience segment is a truly powerful option that becomes even stronger when your organization combines it with purchase history, intent and browsing data, demographics and other in-house customer intelligence.

Ivan Roubstov is the Director of Marketing from Datacratic Technology Solutions partnerAdgear.

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