Most Popular Content of 2014 - Data Science, Visualizations & RTB Pacing

2014 was a great year for Datacratic. In addition to creating great technology and products, we hosted global meetups, held informative virtual events and created content to keep everyone up to date on product, technology and company news.

Just in case you missed it, here are our top 3 articles in 2014 with a pleasant surprise from the Datacratic content vault!

Data Science & (Unsupervised) Machine Learning

Datacratic Engineer, Nicolas Kruchten gave a talk at Montreal Python this week, and here are the materials and video. As part of this presentation I made a neat little visualization of the structure of the website Reddit. Read More

Visualization of High-Dimensional Data in the Browser with SVD, T-SNE and Three.JS

Datacratic’s products operate on billions of data points (big data) in tens of thousands of dimensions (big problem), and in this post, we show off a proof of concept for interactively visualizing this kind of data in a browser, in 3D (of course, the images on the screen are two-dimensional but we use interactivity, motion and perspective to evoke a third dimension). Read More


RTB Pacing. Is Everyone Doing it Wrong?

Here are the basics of the problem: if someone gives you a fixed amount of money to run a display advertising campaign over a specific time period, it's generally advisable to spend exactly that amount of money, spread out reasonably evenly over that time-period. Over-spending could mean you're on the hook for the difference, and under-spending doesn't look great if you want repeat business. And if you don't spend it evenly, you'll get some pissed-off customers, like this guy who had his $50 budget blown in minutes. Sounds obvious, right? Apparently it's harder than it looks! Read More


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