Join Datacratic during the Startup Open House Montreal!


Datacratic is participating in the Startup Open House Montreal event on October 30th from 4-7 PM!  We’ve got some great things planned in the Datacratic environment and can’t wait to meet you!

First things first! To participate in the open house you must get a ticket. The ticket is free, all you need to do is register at Startup Open House. You MUST have a ticket to get into the open house event!  

Here’s what you can expect at the open house from Datacratic:

  • We will be serving Pizza and Beer starting at 5!
  • Datacratic Tour & orientations will happen every ½ hour or more often!
  • Take One & Leave One! BRING YOUR RESUME because Datacratic is hiring!  Take an info sheet, leave your resume and talk to a team member about the roles we have available.
  • Tweet for a T-Shirt! Join us, tweet about @Datacratic and we’ll give you a t-shirt. Supplies are limited!
  • Stick it! Spread the word about democratizing Data with a Datacratic sticker!
  • Let’s talk GAMES! We’ve got some machine learning driven gaming ideas that we’d like to run by you. If you are a gamer or in the online gaming industry, let’s talk!
  • On the subject of games, join us in a friendly game of Werewolf in the boardroom! Not sure what it is? No worries.  Here’ a quote from the creator “Werewolf is a simple game for a large group of people (seven or more.) It requires no equipment besides some bits of paper; you can play it just sitting in a circle. I’d call it a party game, except that it’s a game of accusations, lying, bluffing, second-guessing, assassination, and mob hysteria.” – Andrew Plotkin, creator of Werewolf

We are looking forward to seeing you!  Get your free ticket to the Startup Open House!


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