Join Datacratic at Data 2.0 Summit

Datacratic is a proud sponsor of the Data 2.0 Summit event (June 5), the premiere NYC data innovation event where executives, influencers, and entrepreneurs discuss the intersection of big data technologies with customer intelligence + personalization! With speakers from Google, American Express, Dun & Bradstreet, and many more!. Data 2.0 Summit aims to collect the newest ideas in user / customer targeting as well as the top executives in the industry!

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Here are a few of the panel talks you will see at this one-day summit:

Data Science and Machine Learning for Customer Targeting

What do you know about a user, and how can you target an ad or build a recommendation engine to suggest the next product or service to them? Personalization technology utilizes some of the most cutting-edge data science and machine learning technologies. This panel aims to explore the practical scenarios for implementing recommendation engines in your web presence.

Big Customer Intelligence Data

This panel aims to address how big data technologies such as Hadoop, graph database, NoSQL technologies, and in-memory computing can be utilized to increase the volume and velocity of managing customer intelligence data.

Data-a-as-a-Service for Customer Intelligence

Building and augmenting a customer intelligence database requires a new ecosystem of data sources. The more data you can use for customer acquisition and customer analytics, the more success you will see. This panel will discuss how 3rd party Data-as-a-Service feeds can be used to augment your existing customer / end user data.

We look forward to seeing you there!  If you are attending or in the city and would like to set up some time to meet the Datacratic team contact us!