Datacratic Hosts the Startup Open House

Recently Datacratic participated in the Startup Open House Event an event designed to open the doors of startups and invite the general public to learn more about the early stage companies in their area.

Between Montreal & Toronto this event attracted over 4500 attendees, 30 teams, and over 300 startups playing host in the Startup Open House. This year the event expanded to Toronto (where 120 Startups participated).

Once we knew the final number of people participating we were a little shocked, nervous and  excited. Could our office hold all the guests who showed up?  Would we need bouncers?  We  heard that some Startups would have a chef and be serving gourmet food, while others would have a DJ, and one in particular would be serving Champagne and Oysters. How could we match that?

We decided to keep it very Datacratic so our visitors could get a real “feel” for the company and our culture. That meant hot pizza, cold beer, a warm welcome, and the whole team on board (many sporting their fashionable Datacratic T’s) ready to answer questions and talk about what it’s like to work for a Startup – particularly, Datacratic.  

We had a great turn out throughout the evening with an influx of eager attendees right at start time. We found that it wasn’t only an opportunity to introduce ourselves to potential folks looking for a job (we did get some great resumes), but also a chance to get to know the community a little more and form some new connections.  We met other people working in Machine Learning, students in business development and marketing, corporate lawyers working specifically with startups and even some potential new partners and customers.  At one point I got a chance to look around the room and it was nice to see everyone completely engaged.   

To sum it up – Datacratic’s participation in the Startup Open House Event was a resounding success and something we look forward to doing next year.