Datacratic Gives Back to the Community with Datacratic Donation Week!

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."   Aesop 

This fall we kicked off  Datacratic’s first Donation Week, where everyone in the company got to vote for a local charity and then over the course of that week donate their coffee money towards the chosen cause.

Datacratic has been giving back to the local tech community for quite some time by sponsoring events like the PyLadies Meetup (which we look forward to doing again), being mentors and judges at local startup events and giving towards the renovation of  Notman House. We wanted to go beyond the technology scene and give back to this amazing city that is home to our headquarters and home to all of us here in the Montreal office. The idea to donate our ‘coffee money’ came from our CEO, James and it was so simple to implement it seemed like the best way to start. 

Datacratic launches ‘Coffee Money for Kindness’ campaign.

You see, at Datacratic we take our coffee very seriously. We get our gourmet, fair trade coffee from one of our favorite local Montreal Café’s, Café Myriad and always have a fresh pot on hand with our favorite beans.  That coupled with our Nespresso machine for variety, our team remain stylishly caffeinated throughout the day.  We aren’t even counting the coffee that is bought on the go after getting off the Metro in the morning!  With this in mind, coffee seemed the obvious place to start to inspire kindness and giving.  As a result our ‘Coffee Money for Kindness’ campaign was launched.

True to Datacratic culture, the team voted to choose a charity for Datacratic Donation Week

To begin, three well known and established Montreal charitable foundations were chosen.  We thought we would start with the ‘heavy hitters’, foundations well known for being out in the Montreal community and doing a lot of good.  Then we had a companywide vote as to which one of the three charitable foundations we would give to – we love Survey Monkey at Datacratic – voting rocks.  Sun Youth, was the clear winner of the vote, and I began preparations for Datacratic’s Donation Week.
We placed our donation jar in our kitchen, the place that would get visibility from every employee in the company.  Donations were a little slow to arrive and it looked like people were just dumping their loose change in the jar – I saw a lot of pennies and nickels in there. I even found a Euro. But then someone donated a $20 and it snowballed with more donations and soon the $5ers and the Toonies (two dollar coin in CDN currency) started to arrive.

Employee donation matched by Datacratic to double our contribution!

The money raised by the team with our ‘Coffee Money for Kindness’ campaign has been matched by Datacratic to double our contribution back to the community and kick off a new, positive tradition.  We are planning to do this quarterly with lots of involvement from everyone in choosing the theme and choosing the charities themselves.  

Sun Youth chosen as our charity this quarter.

As for Sun Youth – we couldn’t be more pleased than to be donating to such a worthy cause. Sun Youth has been involved with the Montreal community since 1954. They feed over 2400 families a year with emergency food assistance and a monthly food program and a clothing bank. They offer assistance with eye glasses and dental care to those who need it and distribute Christmas and Chanukah baskets to low income families across Montreal every year. That is just some of the few things that Sun Youth does for  those in need here in Montreal. We hope our donation can be of some help, and look forward to the next Datacratic Donation Week.