Datacratic Day!

Every year Datacratic takes a day to celebrate our achievements, review our performance, start planning for the next successful year ahead and take part in a fantastic (and usually adrenaline filled) team building activity. This day is affectionately referred to as Datacratic Day. 

The team voted on Go Karting (it was such a hit last year) and a massive company soccer game. The vote was close, but Go Karting won out in the end, and so it was decided that Datacratic was set for Go Karting for a second year in a row. 

Datacratic Day kicked off with delicious pastries and brewed coffee for everyone when they arrived. James and Jeremy, the company’s CEO and CTO (in that order,) took the morning to talk to us about their present focus for the company and the plan for the coming year. 

We are big foodies at Datacratic so for lunch we decided to go for a company favorite that is tried and true and something befitting our chosen activity - we went for burgers. M:brgr (MBurger), a most excellent Burger Bar located in downtown Montreal was the spot. This gave us the opportunity to catch up and talk to fellow employees we don’t always get to see outside of the context of a specific meeting. Not to mention we had the entire New York team with us.

The lunch went down without a hitch and outside waiting for us was our big yellow school bus (this may become an annual thing – the school bus) ready to take us to our Go Karting destination. 

Things were looking good and many of us were excited thinking of our previous year’s racing shenanigans on the track....

Last year we went Go Karting at a huge track outdoors. The day was gorgeous and the people who ran the venue had pretty much given us helmets, started our Karts and let us go wild on the track. As you can imagine we did just that - we went wild, or I should say everyone went wild except for me (I’m a careful driver). There were people cutting each other off, smash ups (unintentional of course) and spinouts. 

This year we arrived at a new indoor Go Karting venue with an air of anticipation amongst us all. We got a VIP room for the group (making us feel pretty special). Then we were asked (told) to watch the instructional video about the Rules of the Track. We were told to pay attention as we would be tested afterwards (actually only I got tested afterwards) and if we failed to comply with the rules we would be kicked off the track....say what?

Yes, that’s right – a 12 minute video about rules!!!!! This was when I learned some things about our Datacratic culture.  First, we do not like being treated like children (there was a lot of groaning, and jokes made at the expense of the video). Second, we have a great sense of humor (the jokes were really good and there were a lot of laughs). Third, we are excellent planners (we decided to only break the rules at the very end, minimizing the impact of being kicked off the track….just joking of course...). 

In the end, despite the rules, we ended up having a load of fun, and from this I also learned some other good things about us as a group. I learned that this is a company of good sportsmanship - in the qualifying race to see who were the fastest racers on the track – I got the winning time. It was an obvious mistake as I had been lapped by many in the company – nevertheless, everyone insisted I go into the final race with the fastest drivers. It was said one could always tell my car on the track as there was a bottleneck of drivers behind me trying to get around my slow car – and still everyone cheered me on despite my slowing their times. 

The day ended with the team having beers and food at our local pub.  We were exhausted, grateful for the beers, laughing about all the track rules and already planning for our next year’s Datacratic Day…..what adventures will that hold?