May 2015

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StarCluster: Multiple node instance type support

Last week I released a new feature for the vanilla_improvements branch of StarCluster: multiple instance type support. It means that our cluster can now select the instance type to bid on depending on a configurable factor and the lowest spot market price for each type.

Want to see how it works? Head to the wiki. Want to know more about how I did it? Read further.

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Datacratic at Big Data Week Montreal 2015

Datacratic was proud to participate in Big Data Week Montreal last month: we demo'ed our new Machine Learning Database and sponsored a Data Science Award at the Hackathon.

The winners of the Data Science award were a team that did an analysis of a million tweets about feminism. The team members were Zafarali Ahmed, Jerome Boisvert-Chouinard, Dave Gurnsey, Nancy Lin, Reda Lotfi and David Taylor. Congratulations to the whole team!