November 2014

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Datacratic Day!

Every year Datacratic takes a day to celebrate our achievements, review our performance, start planning for the next successful year ahead and take part in a fantastic (and usually adrenaline filled) team building activity. This day is affectionately referred to as Datacratic Day. 

The team voted on Go Karting (it was such a hit last year) and a massive company soccer game. The vote was close, but Go Karting won out in the end, and so it was decided that Datacratic was set for Go Karting for a second year in a row. 

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Arbitraging an RTB Exchange

Last week, Bloomberg came out with an article on RTB arbitrage, which included a couple of sentences that made it sound a lot like it was possible to front-run an RTB auction: “Some buy from an exchange and sell it right back to that very same exchange” and “Some agencies are poorly connected to exchanges and can’t respond to a first auction in time, allowing middlemen to buy and flip within the same market”. This seemed surprising to me at first, given that all auction participants (as far as I know) get the same opportunity to bid on an impression, so how could you make money buying and selling the same impression on the same exchange? Upon further thought, however, here’s a theory about how it might work. A disclaimer up front, though: Datacratic is a software company and doesn’t engage in this practice nor has anyone ever asked us how to use our RTB Optimizer product to do this. What follows is just a bit of thinking out loud about the economics of the situation.

Human Vs. Machine in Programmatic - Google Think Talk by Datacratic

Google Quebec hosted Think Quebec this year where they explored digital marketing as a path to quicker, deeper connections between a brand and its consumer. Inspired by Parkour, the popular urban sport of finding the most direct route to your goal, they presented campaigns and strategies as beautiful as they are successful–another discipline at the junction of art and science. James Prudhomme, CEO Datacratic spoke at Google's Think Quebec. His Talk is entitled "Why is programmatic taking off? What is this revolution all about?"   View the Slideshare below!