September 2014

Data-Driven Business Models: Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data

Recently, Datacratic's CTO, Jeremy Barnes was interviewed as an expert source for the Engaging Complexity: Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data report by Dr. Monica Bulger, Dr. Greg Taylor and Dr. Ralph Shroeder published by the Oxford Internet Institute and NEMODE.   This is an excellent resource that covers:

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Building API's for Open Source Projects and Commercialized Products

Get to know the team behind the Datacratic brand.  Today we bring you an interview with Datacratic's CTO, Jeremy Barnes to talk about the role Datacratic plays in providing API’s to organizations to accelerate their development and deployment of real-time bidding and behavior data modeling solutions.

Why are you passionate about providing APIs for engineers to accelerate their development efforts?

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Pre-Beta Invite for Scaled Hosted RTBKit Infrastructure + Additional Features from Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project is looking for early adopters for the OpenDSP. We are working with some of the leading advertisers and agencies on this project, and would like to extend this opportunity to few more companies that are looking to use RTBKit as their reference implementation. OpenDSP will allow RTB users (agencies, DSP, Advertisers or other media buying platforms) to easily and painlessly set-up, provision and operate a real-time bidding system hosted and managed on the Rubicon Project infrastructure and using the RTBkit open-source architecture.