July 2014

Real Time Marketing - Why Just in Time May be Just Too Late

Don’t underestimate your customers and prospects. These days they are only a click away from going to a competitor. Rather than just in time sales offers or ‘please come back’ pleading for dollars, why not invest in ongoing nurturing of a relationship from day 1? Not such a bad approach but not rocket science either.

Visualizing High-Dimensional Data in the Browser with SVD, t-SNE and Three.js

Data visualization, by definition, involves making a two- or three-dimensional picture of data, so when the data being visualized inherently has many more dimensions than two or three, a big component of data visualization is dimensionality reduction. Dimensionality reduction is also often the first step in a big-data machine-learning pipeline, because most machine-learning algorithms suffer from the Curse of Dimensionality: more dimensions in the input means you need exponentially more training data to create a good model. Datacratic’s products operate on billions of data points (big data) in tens of thousands of dimensions (big problem), and in this post, we show off a proof of concept for interactively visualizing this kind of data in a browser, in 3D (of course, the images on the screen are two-dimensional but we use motion and perspective to evoke a third dimension). For the TL;DR crowd, here’s a link to a demo of what we came up with and the source code up on Github.