Audience Optimization & Management with Lotame Optimizer

Marketing Paradigm Shift - Audience Optimization with Machine Learning


Creating ideal audience segments just got easier. Advanced machine learning capabilities from Lotame Optimizer provide a competitive edge and are a must in any marketer’s toolkit to significantly enhance audience and campaign performance.

Marketers and publishers are experiencing a significant paradigm shift in the way they manage data and create audience segments. Human decisioning, while important, is not efficient enough to manage increasingly high volumes of data. It’s no longer practical to rely on manual audience segmentation or basic regression models to define the best performing audience segments to create successful campaigns.

No manual management, intervention or tuning - just positive results!

In less than 45 minutes you will learn how you can target your audience with scale or precision to attract customers with a very high probability of conversion using Lotame Optimizer powered by Datacratic.

Your speakers are:

Kalyan Lanka, VP Product Management Lotame

Jeremy Barnes, CTO Datacratic

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