RTBkit Open Source Project

Datacratic is the creator and sponsor of the RTBkit open-source project designed to make it easy to create real-time ad bidding systems.

RTBkitRTBkit is an open-source software framework that takes much of the hard engineering work out of creating a Real-Time Bidder by breaking the problem down into well-defined components. Its open, service-oriented architecture can be used to assemble a bidder as simple or complex as desired. The RTBkit core connects to exchanges and routes bid requests and data through a configurable set of components which can be extended to implement a customized bidder.

RTBkit is currently in use with advertising exchanges such as the Rubicon Project, Nexage, App Nexus, Google Ad Exchange and others. The global RTBkit community has active developers in more than 35 countries and production installations throughout North America, Germany, France, Russia, Argentina and China to name a few.

RTBkit Features

  • High-performance and flexible parsing, filtering, routing, logging and monitoring
  • Automatic load shedding and guaranteed response time
  • Multi-data center support
  • Reliable banking updated to the minute
  • API for bidding optimization and pacing
  • More than 30 exchanges supported


The RTBkit core is implemented as a set of C++ services which run on Linux and communicate with each other using ZeroMQ, and which expose a set of REST APIs for monitoring and configuration. It is highly optimized and can process 20,000 bid-requests per second on a single server.  Service discovery is provided by Apache Zookeeper and reporting is via Graphite.

Bidding Agents are developed in Javascript or C++ and Augmenters and Data Loggers are developed  in C++.  RTBkit comes with C++ base classes for these components with hooks to implement custom logic.
How Datacratic Products Use RTBKit

Datacratic offers a Real-Time Bid Management and Optimization API as an optional plug-in for bidders built using the RTBkit framework. Ask us about our professional services offering for helping clients develop and customize their RTBkit solution.

Additional Information

To learn more about RTBkit visit rtbkit.org.

Review the RTBkit documentation on Git Hub.

Learn more about Datacratic’s Real-Time Bid Management and Optimization product that integrates easily with bidding systems built on the RTBkit platform.

RTBkit Professional Services

Professional services are available to support and accelerate your RTBkit integration and development. Contact Datacratic for more information and learn how our team can assist you to get up and running quickly with a production implementation of RTBkit.