Adtech Optimization Suite

Optimization consists of many components to reach campaign performance goals. The audience, the bid price, the probability of an impression being in-view...are all factors in achieving superior results. Powered by, the machine learning database, we offer a suite of applications to maximize performance in each area, empowering you with powerful tools to garner superior yield and enable you to scale your business by automating much of the campaign management functions.  
RTB Optimizer is a real-time bid management system that computes a unique probability score for each impression and uses that score to calculate an optimal bid price based on campaign goals. 
Audience Optimizer delivers predictions based on users most likely outcomes using behavioral data to drive external business processes.
Yield Optimizer delivers delivery decisions based campaign performance goals for managed inventory.
Viewability Predictor predicts and filters  impressions in real-time with the highest probability of being viewable
RTBkit is an open-source software framework created by Datacratic that takes much of the engineering work out of creating a Real-Time bidder.