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Datacratic and iPerceptions join forces


Powered by, the machine learning database, Datacratic builds industry-specific applications to process data fast and efficiently, make real-time decisions, and most important - provide machine learning based personalized predictions and decisions with a positive ROI.  

AdTech Optimization Suite

Advertising has become extremely complex. The amount of data, inventory, and technology is widely available. But garnering the greatest return on an advertising campaign requires complex tools, infrastructure, and know-how. Advertisers and their partners need capabilities for real-time bid price decisioning and the ability to target the right audience, content, time, and place. Additionally, they need to ensure that the ads are viewable and the users are real and relevant. Datacratic offers a suite of products to optimize each component of a campaign with results that would be difficult for a human to match, and automates much of the manual and expensive tasks associated with campaign management. Read more…

New Application Development

Machine learning can provide powerful ways to predict, personalize, alert, and make decisions. But building machine learning applications can be complex, expensive, and time consuming. Through our DSaaS (data science as a service) arm, Datacratic can develop applications on top of, the machine learning database, that addresses your needs for predictions and decisions that garner the greatest ROI for your business. Read more…, the machine learning database. 

Big data is becoming obese. With more and more data increasingly available, there are opportunities for personalized decisioning to drive superior results, but often processing the data is too expensive to justify the lift. We’re making machine learning accessible by providing a new kind of database, specifically designed for machine learning that is fast, efficient, and easy to deploy. Read more…

RTBkit, the Open Source RTB Bidder

There are many benefits to owning your own RTB bidder, such as better use of your data, access to data, control, transparency, and margins. But many features are hard to build and do not differentiate your offering. RTBkit, the open source bidder created by Datacratic, makes it easy to deploy your own bidding technology. We provide professional services to consult, deploy, customize, manage, and support RTBkit.  Read more...