About Datacratic

Datacratic is leading the real-time revolution in big data. Our team of visionary scientists, engineers and programmers have developed some of the most sophisticated predictive modeling tools available. These tools make up the core components of the Datacratic technology and together have been engineered to run in hard real-time. 

About Us

Datacratic is an enterprise software company that is making machine learning and artificial-intelligence technology accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Datacratic’s technology is integrated into some of the world’s leading software platforms and solutions. Founded in 2010, Datacratic is headquartered in Montreal with offices in New York City and is privately held with backing from Real Ventures and BDC Venture Capital.

Our Mission

Datacratic believes in the democracy of data. We apply best practices from industry and academia to bring you the most battle-tested, elegant algorithms that let you operationalize your data more efficiently. Our mission is to help you analyze bigger data sets with fewer, smaller computers, solving complex and challenging engineering problems. We have  a big vision and ultimately want to open our platform to third party developers. We believe in open source software and contribute back to projects whenever we can. 

Come Work With Us!

We are an innovative and fast growing company. Great technology is built by teams of great individuals. If you're in the Montreal area and are interested in joining our team...

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